Riga Paddling Marathon - Rules

1. About the event
Paddling competition for those who enjoy paddling.

2. Time and place
Start and finish location will be the same for all participants.
03.06.2017. Start for 51 km (marathon) course at 10:00, at 10:40 start for 34 km (sprint) course.

Registration starts at 9:00.

3. Participants
Anyone who fells certain about ones ability to complete the race can participate. To register for the race you must fill out the registration form available here. Participants younger then 18 years can participate only with an approval of their parents.

4. Boat classes
All boats will be divided in the following classes:

  1. single kayaks;
  2. double kayaks;
  3. single canoe;
  4. double canoe;
  5. SUP;
  6. open class - any human powered boat.

5. Course
Course plan is available in the map.
In case of severe weather conditions route can be changed.

Course will be the same for all boats and will consist of several laps. Number of laps will differ depending on competitors choice: Sprint - two laps, Marathon - three laps. Course (Marathon or Spring) cannot be changed after the race starts.
5.1. Movement during the course
Rules of fair play apply to all participants throughout the course. The violation of these rules will result in disqualification.
It is not allowed to carry boat over the mainland, unless it is needed to follow the course. (This information will be available on course map)
Team should pass the CP so that the judge is able to register the team number.

6. Withdrawal
In case a team withdraws from the distance between checkpoints they have to inform the organizers by phone. Evacuation form the distance is provided for an additional fee (7 EUR).

7. Results
First one to cross the finish line is the winner. Winners are determined in each boat class for each course.
In Canoe-O race the one who gets the most points is the winner. In case of tie,  winner will be the one who completed the course in shorter period of time.

Prize giving
Prize giving and handing out of the diplomas will take place one hour and a half (1.5h) after the finish of the team.

8. Equipment
Only single blade paddles can be used in canoes. Use of any other means, besides the paddle, to move the boat forward is prohibited.

Mandatory equipment:

For each participant life jacket
  spraydeck (sea and double kayaks)
  food and water
At lease one per team waterproofed cell phone with the organizers' phone numbers.
  whistle, attached to life jacket
  a spraydeck is recomended for open canoes in the case of strong wind and waves

It is compulsory to wear a life jacket. All competitors without a life jacket will be disqualified.

9. Assistance during the course
Participants should give first aid in case some other team needs it. Time spent on it will be considered when announcing results.

10. Registration for the race
To register for the race you must fill out the registration form.

 Entrance fee for one participant Registration date
 12 EUR  till 01.04.2017
 15 EUR  till 04.05.2017
 20 EUR  till 03.06.2017
 25 EUR  Registration and payment on the event day
Entrance fee should be transferred to:
Beneficiary: Latvijas Kanu airēšanas biedrība
Reģ.nr. 40008179222
Konts: AS Swedbank

* Transfer fee should be paid by the competitor.

Contact information
Race organiser: Latvijas Kanu airēšanas biedrība
e-mail: janis.balodis@gmail.com
Phone: +371 29473634

Entrance fee includes organisational expenses as well after finish service (hot drinks, food, bath).

11. Liability
All participants themselves are responsible for their physical and mental condition when applying for the race. They verify this with a signature before start. Participants have to obey the rules of fair play during the race and rules of personal safety on water.