Riga paddling marathon 2015.06.06

Registration for the 2015 marathon will open on 2015.03.01 23:55:00

Marathon courses will be the same as in 2014:

  • Course will consist of several  laps, depending on the weather conditions one or two laps for sprint and three or four for marathon;
  • Orienteering course will be in a form of rogaining 3 to 15 km with a time limit of 3 hours. Participants in this course will be provided with a canoe, paddles and pfd's
  • Marathon course will go clockwise. After the start participant will paddle down the river towards Daugava river, then take a left into Āgenskalna bay, down Āzene and Zunds along Ķīpsala. Take the right turn and go up the river staying on the side of Ķīpsala, cross Daugava and through Andrejosta into the City channel. Participants will cross Daugava river as they leave the channel by the Central market and proceed to Mazā Daugava. After crossing the start/finish line participants will head into the paddling slalom channel up to Bierķengrāvis then Mazā Daugava and Daugava..
  • Start/Finish location can be found on the  map